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Violent Crimes

Violent Crime Defense Lawyer Serving Western Michigan

Violent crimes often receive media attention and rigorous, unyielding attention from prosecutors. As a former prosecutor himself, attorney Jason Jansma recognizes these factors and will handle your defense against violent crime allegations accordingly.

If you are accused of committing a violent crime — from domestic assault to murder — you may need a lawyer with credibility and trial experience. To talk through your circumstances and legal options in a free consultation, please contact us today.

Personal Attention from a Skilled, Dedicated Lawyer

Violent crimes can be penalized with lengthy prison terms and a range of other harsh consequences. Jason Jansma will take the time to learn all of the circumstances of your case and address your concerns, questions and fears. We are prepared to deliver quality representation on charges such as:

  • Domestic violence or assault — more serious offenses than some people realize, with potential implications on employment prospects and child custody and visitation rights
  • Assault charges at all levels, including assault and battery, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, aggravated assault, or felonious assault involving a weapon
  • Murder, attempted murder or manslaughter
  • Sex crimes, including criminal sexual conduct

Pursuing All Angles in Your Defense

We listen without judging you and apply our experience in investigating all aspects of your situation. If you are innocent or the charges against you exaggerate what happened, we will strive to build the best possible case for you by:

  • Closely examining your relationship to your accuser and that person's credibility
  • Probing any possibility of mistaken identity
  • Clarifying events to ensure your view of what happened is given its due

Demonstrating Resourcefulness and Tenacity

Our successes in Grand Rapids area violent crime cases have included dismissals of charges before trial, negotiation of pleas to lesser offenses and acquittals. Mr. Jansma's credibility with court officials and jurors often proves a tremendous asset as we seek the best possible outcome.

If you or a loved one is facing charges — or being investigated in connection with a violent crime — contact the law office of Jason L. Jansma, P.L.C. now. Our free initial consultation will focus on your legal options, future well-being and what a lawyer willing to fight may be able to accomplish in your case.

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