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Personal Injury

Grand Rapids, Michigan, Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else's negligence — in a car accident or a fall on poorly maintained property, for example — it may be absolutely essential to consider all legal options for obtaining compensation. We encourage you to contact us now to discuss what happened. Fast action can be critical to preserving evidence and building the best possible case for you. 

Do You Have a Valid Case? Get a Qualified Opinion at No Charge.

At the law office of Jason L. Jansma P.L.C., we offer a free consultation to evaluate your potential personal injury action. If you have a valid claim, Mr. Jansma can aggressively pursue your case without requiring you to take on added financial risk. We earn attorney fees only if we succeed in winning a financial settlement or verdict in your favor. 

Victims of car accidents and other injury-causing events are often able to recover money to pay medical costs, replace lost wages and cover other services needed because of their incapacity. When personal injuries are serious, you may also have a legal right to compensation for pain and suffering.

Auto Accidents — Medical Malpractice — Falls — Dog Bites

We are well-equipped to assess and pursue your case arising from situations, including:

  • Car, motorcycle or trucking accident caused by someone else, including those involving an intoxicated or inattentive driver
  • Doctor or other medical professional's breach of the accepted standard of care, enabling a medical malpractice lawsuit for actions such as botched surgery, faulty diagnosis or failure to provide timely treatment 
  • Serious slip-and-fall resulting from someone's failure to maintain safe conditions on their property
  • Dog bite or other injury-causing attack — regardless of whether the dog posed a known danger

Your accident may have had serious consequences, including a brain injury, spinal injury, permanent scarring and the need for surgery. We will call on qualified investigators, medical experts and others as necessary to prove liability and the full extent and costs of your impairments. 

Call 616-233-9162 for Honest, Compassionate Legal Counsel 

Jason Jansma's strong background as a negotiator and trial lawyer will be an asset in the effort to maximize the compensation you receive. For personal injury counsel you can trust, please contact us today.

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