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Kentwood Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

Working To Get Your Drivers License Reinstated

Anyone can make a mistake, but that mistake doesn't have to ruin your future. If you have been charged with a drunk driving offense in Kentwood, help is available. At the law office of Jason L. Jansma, PLC, we provide quality OWI, DWI and DUI defense services to clients throughout the Kentwood area and across western Michigan.

Our founding attorney, Jason Jansma, is a former assistant prosecutor with the Ogemaw County Prosecutor's Office. As your Kentwood drunk driving defense attorney, he has a comprehensive understanding of the law from both sides. His knowledge of how prosecutors think and how they prepare for trial allows him to be much more proactive in the preparation of your case.

Doing Everything We Can to Protect Your Future

If you have a conviction for an OWI (also referred to as a DUI or DWI) on your record, it will most likely stay there for life. Drunk driving convictions are generally not expungeable so it is important that everything possible is done to avoid the conviction. It is our commitment to do everything we can to beat the charges against you.

When you hire our firm, we will closely examine all of the evidence against you and look for flaws in the case that can be used to your advantage. If we find that there were any errors made or that your rights were violated in any way, we will take immediate action to have the charges reduced or dismissed.

Call for a Free Initial Consultation

Contact our office today to discuss your Kentwood OWI charges with a lawyer. We are available during regular business hours and by appointment evenings and weekends. You can reach us by phone at 616-581-7406 (Free Office Consultation), toll free at 877-378-5541 or via e-mail. We accept all major credit cards. Flat fees are charged for some services.

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