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Holland Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

Getting Your Drivers License Restored After OWI/DUI Offense

If you are facing charges for a drunk driving offense, it is important that you seek the advice of an experienced Holland drunk driving defense attorney right away. Many people facing their first OWI charge may not know their rights and don't think to fight the charges. By not fighting for your rights, however, you can end up with a permanent criminal record and leave yourself open to some extremely severe penalties.

Whether you are a resident or a tourist visiting Holland from out of state, the consequences of a conviction on any type of drunk driving charge can be harsh and long-lasting. At the law office of Jason L. Jansma, PLC, we represent clients in all types of OWI, DWI and DUI defense matters. We work diligently to reach the best possible outcome on behalf of every client.

Working to Beat the Charges Against You

The law is very specific with regard to the rules that law enforcement officials must follow when conducting an investigation into a possible drunk driving offense. When they overstep their legal boundaries, it could constitute a violation of your rights. When you hire our firm, we will review all of the evidence against you to see that your rights were respected at all times.

If there is any indication that your rights have been violated, we will look into the viability of pursuing a dismissal. If a dismissal is not an option, we will seek to negotiate the offense down to a lesser charge. We work tirelessly to obtain a result that allows you to walk away with your rights and your freedom intact.

Call for a Free Initial Consultation

Contact our office today to discuss your Holland OWI charges with a lawyer. We are available during regular business hours and by appointment evenings and weekends. You can reach us by phone at 616-581-7406 (Free Office Consultation), toll free at 877-378-5541 or via e-mail. We accept all major credit cards. Flat fees are charged for some services.

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