A Criminal Defense Lawyer With a Prosecutor's Eye

Regarded as a top criminal defense charge lawyer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jason Jansma actually began his legal career on the other side of the courtroom as a county prosecutor. With experience prosecuting both misdemeanor and felony cases, Attorney Jansma has the essential trial skills  and prosecutor's eye you need on your defense team. His unique perspective allows him to evaluate a client’s criminal defense charge from a Michigan prosecutor’s point of view. Making the most of every possible advantage is critical when facing criminal charges.

So, put a former prosecutor and leading criminal defense lawyer to work for you by calling our Grand Rapids, Michigan office at
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Our experienced staff has handled all types of criminal defense charge matters for Michigan clients, including:

• Violent crimes including homicide and all types of assaultive offenses.
• Drug offenses
• Property crimes
• Criminal Sexual Conduct
• Arson
• Probation Violations
• Embezzlement
• Burglary and Home Invasion
• DUI - Operating While Intoxicated
• Traffic Offenses
• Probation Violations
• Parole Violations
• Minor in Possession of Alcohol
• Juvenile Offenses

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