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Grand Rapids Sex Crimes Lawyer

Providing Defense Against All Michigan Sex Crimes

Like violent offenses, sex crimes are taken extremely seriously by law enforcement, prosecutors and the Michigan courts. The high visibility of these cases creates pressure to convict and dole out the harshest punishments. These punishments are often at the expense of people who are innocent or worthy of rehabilitation.

Far from minimizing the seriousness of any allegation of a sex crime, Jason L. Jansma PLC focuses on making certain our clients receive the full protection of their rights and the best possible defense. To request a free consultation and benefit from Jason L. Jansma's experience as a former prosecutor, contact us today.

Rigorous Defense against All Types of Sex Crime Allegations

We fight aggressively on your behalf to prevent any conviction based on false or exaggerated allegations. Mr. Jansma is adept at negotiating for reduced charges, whenever possible. You can turn to us for a skilled, aggressive defense when facing serious charges such as:

  • Criminal sexual conduct of any degree — for which convictions bring prison sentences ranging from two years to life and a minimum of 25 years on the sex offender registry
  • Allegations ranging from child molestation to sexual assault, statutory rape and date rape
  • Internet and computer crimes, including possession of child pornography or solicitation of a minor — often arising from sting operations and producing substantial media attention

We offer personal, non-judgmental attention to you and your case. Jason Jansma is a lawyer who knows the system and prosecution strategies. He knows how to investigate and pursue:

  • The credibility of your accuser in a rape, sexual assault or other case that may involve a desire for revenge or other emotional motivations
  • Issues of consent
  • Defense strategies unique to computer and Internet-based crimes

A Free Consultation Focused on the Fight for Your Future

We understand all you have at stake if you or a loved one has been accused of a sex crime. It can be critical to move quickly, whether you have been charged or just learned you are being investigated. To work with an attorney who will offer dependable counsel and build the best possible case for you, please contact us today.

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